Sam and I put on a Wii sports night for wellness month. We had people come and play some fun games in this depressing weather. The residents had fun from bowling to tennis.




Today Trevor and I just finished a month long pool tournament. We had about 15 participants and we scheduled around the times they were free. Everyone that played said they had a blast and would love to play again. The finals was played by Isaac and I (Gus). Isaac won the first set of three and then I beat him in the second set. Congratulations to Isaac and Gus for making it to the finals.



Last night some of the bridgeway staff and I put on this event called sex in the dark. We had two rooms with males on one side. Females on the other. They got to ask each other questions and the answers where posted on a website on their phone. Each side did not know who asked the questions and you got to learn about the opposite sex.



Tonight Bridgeway put on a Bingo night for the campus with tons of great prizes. The people who came had a relaxing time talking with people, eating food and waiting for their numbers to be called. This event was a great way to wind down after a long week.