Tonight some the residents of Bridgeway Commons joined me in having a fun game night in 2W lounge. We played a couple games of the red dragon inn and a long game of taboo. Both games had people interested and involved with listening and communicating. The people who showed up had lots of fun.



The whole Bridgeway staff and residents attended an United we stand lecture, presented by the Peterson Farm Bros. They are siblings who are from a family farm from Kansas. They have made many different parade videos of farming and showing how it is a huge part of everyone’s life. They used social media to get their message out about agriculture.

Below is a link to there video playlist on YouTube.



Last night Bridgeway Commons had their Friday Night Club. It was originally going to be glow in the dark capture the flag but got rained out. Instead we had a hug game night with card games, board games, video games and ping pong. Everyone that showed looked like they were having lots of fun. This FNC was well needed to get away from all the school work that is upon us and to let everyone destress.


Tonight Sam, Beth, and I hosted a Mario kart and football game night. We got over 15 residents to come and have fun. We saw many new faces that were all ready to have some fun. Everyone was having fun driving a kart around stages and throwing gaming ending shells at each other. The people that came just for the football had lots of fun playing Mario kart when the football game had a weather delay. We had a greatly diverse group of people having tons of fun.