Shannon, Sam, and I put on a drunken MARIO kart event. We had residents wear goggles that would impair your vision and try and drive in the game. Everyone had difficulty driving impaired but everyone learned not to drive under the influence. We also had food that would absorb the alcohol. We had pancakes, popcorn and pudding. Everyone had lots of fun leaning to keep their health and safety first.



Tonight Bridgeway Commons put on an Escape room for the residents. We had four teams enter but only one escaped. This event was ran by the Bridgeway HIT team and everyone had a blast. Every team that entered where struggling to solve difficult puzzles before they became Igars. In the end Kyle and Gerald’s team were the only victors but every team left with at least have lots of fun.



Last night some residents and I played a board game called 1313 deadend drive. The objective of the game is to get out of the house before you get knocked out or the clock strikes mid-night. You don’t want your opponents to get out so you must use traps to get rid of them and take their money. You really need to strategize so you can get the most money on your character and then escape before your opponents can trap you. The game is a lot of fun.